Sascha Gaugel (right) & Kalle Hildinger (left)


Many people worship handcrafted things. They consider them precious, valuable, lasting. To me, "handcrafted" isn ́t enough. It lacks the emotional component. It lacks the passion, the persistance, the pain and the bliss, the vulnerability and the pride that my couture embodies down to the smallest detail.

My couture isn ́t handcrafted. It ́s LOVECRAFTED.

To me, love is something that you either give, show or express lavishly - or not at all. My couture is a declaration of love to both the past and the future - I indulge in quoting the former and translate it into the latter.

But first and foremost, it is a declaration of love to the woman who wears it. I want HAUSACH couture to be worn with the same amount of love I created it with. Or, in other words: only those who are able to deeply, unconditionally, lavishly love, are able to wear HAUSACH."

HAUSACH. Lovecrafted.

Design Philosophy

by Sascha Gaugel


Hausach works fair, organic and sustainable. Hausach uses its couture silk from the only eco-certified silk manufacturer in Europe and uses only fairly and sustainably produced fabrics from Italy, Cambodia, India and Egypt, as well as selected materials from local accessory suppliers. Hausach is made with Love - Lovecrafted. And this also shows in the selection of our partners, production sites and manufacturers.